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Customers & Communities

Serving Our Customers and Communities

Safe, high-quality water service is critical to the health and well-being of our customers. In providing it, we also seek ways to promote its affordability, improve service, strengthen security, and prepare for emergencies. Since our customers are our neighbors as well, we also prioritize their needs as we identify opportunities for philanthropy and volunteerism.

Drinking Water Quality & Customer Safety

Our accredited water quality professionals and rigorous training across our operations support our ability to sample, test, and treat water on an ongoing basis. Our robust safety infrastructure also helps us address emerging contaminants, potential cross connections, and other risks. We conducted more than a half million water quality tests in 2023 to confirm that we met or surpassed all state and federal water quality standards. All of this helps us deliver high-quality water to the communities we serve.

Water Affordability & Access

Affordability shouldn’t stand in the way of a safe and reliable supply of drinking water. That is why we make it the cornerstone of rate design and take a variety of measures to control costs. Among them, we prioritize operational efficiency, pursue funding opportunities through grants, and develop flexible low-income customer support programs. Cal Water has secured more than $100 million to help customers with past-due bills incurred during the pandemic through the Original and Extended California Water and Wastewater Arrearage Payment Program.

Stakeholder Engagement & Public Participation

Our stakeholders are varied—from customers and community leaders to employees, investors, and regulators. By working to maintain open, transparent, and consistent communication, we gain a better understanding of our actual and potential impacts. Positive relationships help us to gather input, address concerns, and incorporate feedback to enhance our practices and better serve our communities. In 2023, we attended more than 500 meetings with local governing bodies.

Customer Service

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We show our commitment to each of them by exploring ways to increase convenience, provide excellent service, and leverage their feedback. That is why we are routinely ranked among industry leaders in customer service. When we succeed, we help support our communities and enhance their quality of life. We were recognized as No. 1 among large water utilities in the western United States in the J.D. Power 2023 Water Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study.SM

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

Cybersecurity is a vital component of operational and water safety, enabling us to support our customers without interruption and protect their personal information. Our approach is designed to comply with multiple cybersecurity and data privacy standards. To help prepare for and address evolving cyber threats, we regularly evaluate our processes, invest in advanced technology, and promote employee education.

Emergency Preparedness & Response

Natural disasters and human-caused emergency events are an inevitable part of today’s operating environment. We have made significant ongoing investments in training, equipment, and processes to help us respond swiftly when emergencies occur to mitigate harm to our communities and help limit service interruptions. In 2023, we completed more than 20 projects to enhance infrastructure resiliency, strengthen water availability for firefighting, and provide backup power in areas exposed to wildfire risks.

Philanthropy & Volunteerism

California Water Service Group is committed to being an asset to our communities through charitable giving and volunteer activities that meet a broad range of local needs. We invest time and resources in organizations that we believe make a real difference, whether it’s through serving at-risk populations, promoting education and workforce development, or advancing a variety of other philanthropic initiatives. We donated more than $1.5 million to local community organizations in 2023.

Our ESG Reporting

Our annual ESG reporting provides detailed updates on our ESG strategy and the progress we’ve made on topics that are important to the company and to our stakeholders. 

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