Environmental, Social,
and Governance

“By investing in the well-being of people and the planet, we are investing in the long-term sustainability of our business.” — Marty Kropelnicki, CEO

Our Commitment
to ESG

At California Water Service Group, we are committed to operating in a way that enables our planet, communities, workforce, and business to thrive. This commitment is distilled in our purpose — to enhance the quality of life for those we serve, both now and in the future. We take pride in our track record of providing safe, reliable water service to more than two million people in over 100 communities by being responsible stewards of the environment, giving back to our communities, supporting our customers, communities, and employees, and maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Our ESG Strategy

We are committed to accelerating our ESG progress because we know it is imperative for the long- term resilience of our company and the planet. We believe that managing and addressing environmental, social, and governance risks and opportunities is essential to providing safe, reliable water service. Our strategy is simple: We focus our efforts on the ESG issues that impact our business and stakeholders. We set measurable, time-bound goals and report our progress towards achieving those goals.

To bring our ESG strategy to life, we focus on four key ambitions:

Protecting Our Planet

We minimize our impact on the planet while proactively investing in the resilience and reliability of its most essential resource—water.

Supporting our Customers and Communities

We  invest in the long-term health of our communities and improve the quality of life for our customers and neighbors.

Engaging our Workforce

We foster a positive work environment where all employees are safe, supported, and equipped to succeed.

Leading with Integrity

We pursue excellence by adhering to the highest ethical standards and integrating strong corporate governance practices into our business.

Our ESG Reporting

Our annual ESG Report is a key part of our strategy that allows us to measure, communicate, and accelerate our progress by aligning with recognized reporting frameworks. Our report is rooted in the topics that matter most to our internal and external stakeholders as identified through a rigorous process that included research and benchmarking, value chain mapping, stakeholder engagement, detailed analysis of feedback, and validation with key internal leaders.

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