Leading with Integrity

Our corporate governance structure directly supports the sustainability of our business and ensures that the long-term interests of our stockholders are being served. Building on our culture of accountability, we pursue excellence by adhering to the highest ethical standards and integrating strong corporate governance practices into every aspect of our business.

Our Priorities

Exemplifying Strong Corporate Governance

As outlined in our Corporate Governance Guidelines, we have established a leadership and organizational structure that ensures accountability, accelerates corporate responsibility, and drives business continuity. Our commitment to excellence starts at the highest level of our organization with our Board of Directors, which oversees our Leadership Team and collaborates with them to establish and pursue business goals. With oversight from the Board, our officers monitor and guide our ESG strategy, with our Vice President, Customer Service and Chief Citizenship Officer, bringing this strategy to life on a daily basis.

Conducting Business Ethically

We keep integrity and respect at the heart of our business through policies, practices, and training at every level. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Members of the Board of Directors guides the personal and professional integrity of our board leaders, and our Business Code of Conduct sets clear expectations for the behavior of our employees. Our Human Rights Policy details our approach to upholding the inalienable rights of our employees, suppliers, customers, and communities.

Sourcing Responsibly

We manage our supplier program in a way that prioritizes diversity, supports local communities, mitigates environmental impacts, maintains safe practices, upholds human rights, and ensures that the rigorous standards outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct are upheld. As part of our Supplier Diversity Program, we strive to increase our business and spending with women-, minority-, veteran-, disabled veteran-, and LGBT-owned suppliers and provide progress updates in our Annual Supplier Diversity Reports.

ESG Report

To learn more about our corporate governance, we invite you to read our 2021 ESG Report.

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