Protecting Our Planet

The health of our company depends on the health of our planet. That’s why we are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment while proactively investing in the long-term resilience and reliability of its most essential resource—water. We do this by continually striving to understand, measure, and address the direct and indirect impact of our operations while finding new ways to accelerate energy efficiency and water conservation.

Our Priorities

Addressing Climate Change, Energy Use, and Emissions

From wildfires to droughts, the consequences of climate change are being felt by our communities today. We are working to anticipate, manage, and mitigate the impact of climate change on our business and the impact of our business on climate change. We are doing this by protecting the reliability and resilience of essential water resources, maximizing the efficiency of our water system, helping our customers conserve water, and minimizing our carbon footprint. Since 2014, we have reduced our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 25%.

Water Resources Monitoring and Adaptation Plan

To understand the impact of climate change on our water sources, we completed a study in 2016 that assessed vulnerabilities in our local surface water, groundwater, and purchased water supplies.

You can read the outcome of that study in our Climate Change Update.

In 2020, we began updating and expanding this work, collaborating with a third party to develop a comprehensive Water Resources Monitoring and Adaptation Plan.

This plan will help us:

  • Identify and prioritize climate-related risks to our facilities, operations, and water supply portfolio
  • Understand climate-related impacts to our demand forecasts
  • Develop mitigation and adaptation strategies that reduce the impact of climate change on our business
  • Adapt to the changing environment so we can continue to meet our customers’ needs

Managing the Reliability and Resilience of Our Water Supply

Our success depends on our ability to provide a reliable supply of safe, high-quality water. Through our water reliability plans and studies, we identify existing and future supplies, project demand over time, and address any gaps between supply and demand. For example, we implement 30-year Water Supply and Facilities Master Plans for each California district, which assess existing infrastructure and identify potential needs, improving our long-term operational reliability.

Maximizing Water System Efficiency and Accelerating Conservation

To reduce water loss in our systems, we diligently replace, repair, and upgrade water and wastewater infrastructure. We also engage our customers to educate them about conservation, support their progress, and deliver savings for reduced leaks and water consumption through our industry-leading conservation program.

In 2019 alone, customers who took advantage of our rebates and programs helped California save more than 200 million gallons. Our drought response program also allows us to engage our customers to conserve when it is needed the most and prepare for any potential shortages in supply availability.

H2O Challenge

In partnership with the California Association of Science Educators (CASE) and DoGoodery, Cal Water’s H2O Challenge is a free, project-based competition that invites fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-grade classrooms in our California service areas to develop and implement solutions for local water issues.

Smart Landscape Tune-Up Program

In 2020, we launched a new smart landscape tune-up program, whereby we evaluate customers’ irrigation systems and have our contractors fix system leaks and address inefficiencies at no cost to our customers. This program allows us to provide support to low-income customers, reduce water waste, and promote affordability.

Conservation Kits

To make conserving water that much easier, we offer our single-family residential customers conservation kits at no charge. Kits provide a range of water-saving plumbing retrofit fixtures, including high-efficiency showerheads, a hose nozzle, faucet aerators, and leak detection tablets.

ESG Report

To learn more about how we protect the planet, we invite you to read our 2020 ESG Report.

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