Supporting Our Customers and Communities

The districts we serve are the communities we have called home for more than 90 years. That’s why we are committed to investing in the long-term health of our communities and improving the quality of life for our customers and neighbors. By meeting local needs and fulfilling our promise to provide quality, service, and value every day, we are able to help our customers and districts thrive.

Our Priorities

Delivering Safe, High-quality Drinking Water

The health of our customers and their families depends on the quality of the water we deliver. We provide safe, high-quality drinking water that meets or surpasses more than 240 federal and state water quality standards through our extensive water quality assurance program.

Beyond the comprehensive, routine treatment, testing, and monitoring we conduct throughout our water systems, we have implemented several additional initiatives and programs. We collect more than 70,000 water samples from our water systems and conduct more than 400,000 water quality tests every year.

Promoting Affordability and Access

We work hard to make water service affordable and accessible to those we serve by operating efficiently, managing our water supply responsibly, charging rates that reflect the actual costs of service, and providing payment assistance to low-income customers.

Even with our strong record of investment, our delivery of high-quality water, our exceptional customer service, and the rising cost of delivering a reliable supply that meets increasingly stringent standards, customers still pay less than a penny per gallon in our service areas. In addition to our Customer Assistance Program (CAP), our Rate Support Fund provides a subsidy that offsets the monthly bill for all customers in our highest-cost districts; we provide flexible, penalty-free, interest-free payment arrangements and extensions to our customers; and we offer a stockholder-funded hardship grant program to protect access to water.

Customer Assistance Program (CAP)

As part of our commitment to water affordability and access, we offer a Customer Assistance Program (formerly known as the Low-Income Ratepayer Assistance program) to eligible customers that offers a 50% reduction in the monthly service charge for qualifying low-income customers.

Safeguarding Our Systems, Data, and Facilities

We protect the security of our systems, data, and facilities by investing in the right people, processes, and technology to prevent unauthorized access and keep our customers and business safe. Our robust approach to cybersecurity and data privacy includes policies, procedures, and programs aligned with leading standards and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Each year, we provide our employees and contractors with refreshed, online security awareness training and engage expert consultants to validate our controls and identify any deficiencies. We also partner with a third party-managed Security Operations Center (SOC) to monitor network traffic 24/7 and detect, evaluate, and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents in real time.

Meeting the Needs of Our Neighbors

We partner with local nonprofit organizations through volunteerism, in-kind contributions, and financial donations to meet critical needs and strengthen the 100+ communities we call home. We strive to refine our corporate giving strategy to adapt to changes in stakeholder needs, with contributions to organizations across a range of focus areas, including veteran services; assistance for at-risk or underserved communities; educational services; disaster and emergency response; healthcare; animal welfare services; economic growth; and environmental sustainability.

Learn out more about how we’re supporting our communities across California, Washington, New Mexico, and Hawaii.

Scholarship Program

To equip the next generation of leaders, we established our College Scholarship Program to assist students in our service areas who plan to continue their education in college or vocational school. Scholarship awards range from $2,500 to $10,000 and are offered each year for full-time study at an accredited institution of the student’s choice.

Engaging our Stakeholders

By fostering two-way dialogue with stakeholders in our local communities, we are able to build relationships, address concerns, and receive input that allows us to continually improve. To achieve this, we participate in several business and industry organizations and partner closely with local city council members, county supervisors, Chambers of Commerce members, and other engaged leaders.

Preparing for Emergencies

We diligently invest in planning, training, relationship development, and infrastructure maintenance to ensure a reliable supply of water to our customers and communities, even in times of emergency or crisis. In addition to our Emergency Operations Centers, we have Emergency Response Plans for each district and Emergency Action Guidebooks for our employees, which enable us to prepare, respond, and recover from potential emergencies quickly and effectively. We also offer online resources to our customers to help them prepare for the unexpected.

Firefighter Grant Program

Our annual Firefighter Grant Program supports and recognizes local fire departments that serve our districts in California. Through this program, we award grants to enable fire departments to purchase life-saving equipment and gear or provide education and training.

ESG Report

To learn more about how we support our customers and communities, we invite you to read our 2021 ESG Report.

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