Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

Our Policy

We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers now and in the future, and our respect for the environment and the earth’s water supply is reflected in the way we do business. By operating in a way that does not compromise our ability to meet the needs of future generations, and applying the same standards to our suppliers, we bring shared value to customers, stockholders, and employees. We provide a life-sustaining, finite natural resource, and as such, have historically operated using sound environmental practices; today, we utilize an Environmental Management System that mirrors ISO 14001, and our efforts are focused on the three areas where we can make the greatest difference while continuing to provide affordable water and wastewater services: water quality and reliability, conservation, and efficient operations.

Water Quality and Reliability

  • We invest diligently in our water system infrastructure, thereby reducing the amount of water lost to leaks and water line failures.
  • We develop 20-year supply plans for each region and regularly assess water supplies.
  • We operate water wells responsibly to avoid negatively impacting groundwater supplies.
  • We work cooperatively with government agencies to operate our large watershed in a way that protects and restores the natural environment for native plants and animals.
  • Where possible, we supplement our supplies with alternative resources, such as recycled and desalinated water.
  • We strive to meet or surpass all environmental standards that relate to water and wastewater operations.
  • We take an active role in cleaning up aquifers and holding polluters accountable.


  • Our tiered rates are structured to encourage conservation.
  • We provide rebates, high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, and educational materials to help customers conserve.
  • We provide direct-installation programs (new toilets, showerheads, faucet aerators) to low-income and high-usage customers.
  • We promote conservation through ongoing outreach programs, including a partnership with the North American Association for Environmental Education on a conservation-based, classroom competition program called the “Cal Water H20 Challenge.”

Efficient Operations

  • We strive to use energy as efficiently as possible and use alternative energy where it makes sense to operate water facilities, including pumps, generators, and water storage tank mixing systems.
  • We consider “green” vehicles when adding to our fleet.
  • We utilize cost-effective, “green” design and building techniques at our facilities.
  • We use technology to automate business processes and reduce waste streams.
  • We demonstrate native, water-efficient landscaping in our communities.